Bucket list

As a young, sick of school girl, I can’t wait to get my diploma and go explore the world! I have a huge poster of the entire world above my bed, reminding me of all the things i have yet to come. New cultures that i know nothing of, new foods that i didn’t know existed, new people i though i never would meet – and of course beautiful places i have never visited. This keeps me dreaming, and i think this is healthy.

This bucket list will include a little bit of everything, both activities like bungee jumping, tasting food and exploring places i never in my wildest dreams thought i would be able to.

I am always very open to explore new places, and if i see a picture of let’s say the pyramids or voluntary work in Thailand, I’ll instantly get overly excited and start doing some research, and write it on my bucket list (which keeps expanding). Here’s a piece of my bucket list. Enjoy!



Cusco, Peru – exploring the famous Inka routes as well as the Inka ruins in Macchu Pichu.

Bali, Indonesia – exploring the dreamy bounty beaches and the local life

Katmandu, Nepal – Besides being located right next to Mount Everest, this culture full of munks inspires me. I would absolutely love to experience a life without our daily necessities – just living a calm life. I don’t know whether or not this will ever be an option for me, but I dream of trekking to the Mount Everest Base Camp.

Xi’an, China– exploring the Terra-cotta army and stroll around this big city.

Beijing, China – I went to Beijing in march 2017, where I had the best time! I experienced so much in just a few days – I am going back next year, hopefully for a little longer, and this is also a place I would like to become an exchange student in.

Rio de Janiero, Brasilia – How can you miss out on the giant statue of Jesus or the great carnivals? Or in general the lively vibe! Absolutely one of my dream destinations!

Punta Cana, The Dominican Republic – look it up, have you seen just how beautiful this place is? Especially the beaches!

Havana, Cuba – ohh, isn’t Havana on your bucket list? Although I haven’t been there myself, I find myself googling pictures (and fly tickets..) of Havana all the time – the culture seems so special and relaxing –

Hanga Roa (Easter Island), Chile – this is a very mysterious place in general – I don’t think I will be visiting this place right away, but I definitely want to explore it someday.


Positano, Italy – I feel like this is a must see in life! Getting to know the Italian vibe, that you so often see in movies – cruising around on a small scooter, enjoying the fresh salty wind in your face can only make one smile!