Why French markets are the best!

“Fresh, homegrown and organic”


For me, France is one of my absolute favorite places to go – this country has it all! Mountains with snow on top, sunny and warm summers, Big cities with everything from Peugeot pepper grinders to Dior shops, the farms on the countryside and most importantly, the French marché!

I’ve been with my family to France a lot of times! We have far from explored everything, yet we feel very at home when we spend the summer there. The first couple of times, I was not that old, so we stayed at the all-inclusive hotels by the beaches near Béziers. As we got older, we began to like exploring other sides of France, besides the pool area. And here we developed a taste for the french markets.Skærmbillede 2017-05-14 kl. 16.35.12

What to expect from a marché

A marché is a market for everything from shoes and clothing to homegrown tomatoes and freshly ground (quality) meat. Once you have parked your car – obviously the french way, the parallel parking, follow the crowd – they’re most likely also going to the marché. A marché is usually placed in a certain place in a village, with surrounding roads, where hundreds of stalls are set up in the early morning. Most of the marchés are open a certain day of the week, and you’ll have to wake up a little earlier than usual – because most marchés close at 1pm.

As mentioned, a marché have just about everything. Delicious hummus, homemade pasta, cheese stalls, olives in a hundredes of varieties, butchers and vegetable dealers – lots of! And the best thing is: they give out samples of these pure deliciousnesses! These marchés attract both the locals and tourists – and you are very welcome here! You may have heard frenchmen have a tendency to avoid foreginers, but not here! Everyone, both stall owners and locals like to interact with you, even though your francais is not something to brag about.

When you enter a road with so many different tempting products, you simply can’t help yourself. We always go around the entire marché, and then on our way back we buy everything we looked at. A lot of cafés are open around the marchés, so when the heat wave shortly strikes you, you can sit back and enjoy a cold drink. Are you ready again? Going back trough the long roads of stalls gives you a second chance of buying all of the products you missed in the first round. When we have been on different marchés, we usually buy all groceries for the dinner. Fresh meat, fish, vegetables, appetizers like hummus or olives, freshly baked croissants and flutes – everything!

We once bought this amazing french nougat, after having a free taste – keep ind mind we don’t speak french very well, so we ended up paying almost 25€ for this piece of nougat.. But it sure was delicious! P1020708

I have gathered some pictures from a market in the southern provence, where we almost adopted these wonderfully sweet kittens 🙂



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